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Hello My boy toys!
My name is Princess Tabitha.
Today I'm going to take advantage of this little
piece of space I have here on the web by telling you exactly
who I am and what is expected of you, for just the fact
that you are here right now fingering that tight mangina to My
beautiful pictures speaks volumes all in itself, doesn't it?
That's right — I know exactly just how much you
secretly crave to be My sextoy, mmmm ...

Let's see how well you can handle
one hot fucking piece of conceited and stuck-up
shemale ass that expects to worshiped, glorified, pampered,
and ADORED. I am above and beyond the Princess of all
Princesses; whatever I say GOES. Just look at me — my
gorgeous blue eyes, dark brown hair, creamy white skin —
that is what you call all-natural beauty, baby — an all-natural
beauty left purely intact, totally untainted by fake-ass
surgeries an 100% unhidden by tons of caked-on make up.
No other shemale on the web has shit on me! I have been
a stunner all of my life and am FULLY accustomed
to getting what I want WHEN I WANT and having
my way with men and women alike.

So bring it the fuck on, bitchboy; I know
how badly you desire to suck this hard, throbbing
cock and tongue my balls until My dick paints that pretty
face of yours full of creamy, frothy cum. The cock you
long to suck on and all the nasty, kinky, trashy shit you only
dream of awaits you right here, between my beautiful thighs.
C'mon, sissyboy — close your eyes and imagine My hard,
fat dick gliding in and out of that tight little ass of yours ...
Mmmmm ... don't wait any longer — call me now
for an XXXtra kinky cumsucking good time!

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Modification, Phonesex With a Goddess, and anything else
you can wrap your twisted mind around!!


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