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: StarSexting3 -- ask for Mistress Lilith


“I am MASTER Lilith. That's right, you worthless fuck,
I said MASTER, and that is precisely how you will address
Me when you speak; speak ONLY when you are spoken too —
otherwise suffer the utmost dire consequences, even though
you will eventually succumb sooner or later, preferably
SOONER. You are not worthy of My time, much less
the sweet oxygen I breathe. (**hissing sound**)"

“In my mind, ALL men are petty mind-numbing
fucks who were merely put on this earth to serve;
behind every power-hungry asshole the real power lies
within the Queen — the real catalyst in his succession
to fame. I am your MASTER, Queen Goddess, and

“For the right piece of cockmeat I am also a
SWITCH — but I'm warning you it better fucking be
worth it. If not, it will be My utmost pleasure to make
you wish you had never called me. Be prepared to
be Trampled, Humiliated, and Ignored
as I sit on your face."

“I am a demented wicked controlling
bitch who knows not of limits nor taboos. You
must live on the edge to play with Me and experience
My fantasies. I naturally get off on your fear, submission,
and pain; for that is what it takes to get this
sick bitch’s cunt to cum."

"Got the balls to try and be My submissive?
When you call Me, be ill advised and well prepared
for the most extreme and freakiest medieval BDSM
experience you'll ever encounter throughout the course
of your pathetically insignificant life — I dare you to
pick up that phone and ring MASTER Lilith now
at (877) 501-7792 for the most horrifyingly
repugnant BDSM phone-fuck session
you'll ever encounter!”


• Extreme Fantasy • Extreme Ageplay • Hardcore
Bondage • Foot Fetish • Pain Slut • Hardcore Masochism
• Hypnosis • Strap-on Fantasies • Guided Masturbation
• Forced Homosexual & Bisexual Fantasies • Cock & Cum
Control • Girl-on-Girl Lesbian Action • Medical Play • Cruel
Femdom • Barely Legal Fantasies • Accomplice Play
• Golden & Brown Showers • Knife & Blood Play • Edge &
Breath Play • Bondage & Restraits • Blackmail/Financial
Slavery • Pimping & Whoring • Corporal Punishment
• Specialized Submission Sessions • and above and
beyond all, PAIN and FEAR!



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