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Hi, I'm Annalise – The Princess Bitch.
I learned when I was just a little girl that it is a man's place
to spoil a woman. I'm a daddy's girl, and he showered me
with expensive clothes, sexy shoes, fine jewelry, sensual perfumes,
and money. I'm used to getting everything I want! Now you need to
open up that big, fat wallet of yours and pamper me. I'll drain
your wallet while I drain your balls.

But, if you're going to wimp around like a sissy
and not spoil me, then I will ignore your ass. You can listen to
me talk to my friends, watch TV, or even read a book, but I will
NOT waste my time talking to a loser like you.

So, if you are a pathetic limp dick loser with a
pencil pecker, then take a look at me – do I look like I care?
Do you think it bothers me that you can't get that two inch stub
up or that you're not man enough to satisfy a woman? I'll tell
you exactly what I think of wimpy losers with marshmallow balls.
I'll even get pleasure out of telling you what your wife or girlfriend
said about your cheese dick while she was fucking
a real man with a huge cock.

I suggest you be nice to this Princess or my Bitch claws
will cum out. I'll either rape your wallet, cuckold your ass, humiliate
your pathetic manhood or ignore you. Pick your poison!


Money Pigs
Foot & Shoe Fetish
Financial Domination
Strap-on Play
Cucked & Ass Fucked
Pantied & Pimped
Cum Eating
Small Cock Mockery
Mutual Masturbation
Slut Training
Fantasies & Role-play


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